About the Music

David Kaplan, Hope Ostheimer, Sue Ostheimer
David Kaplan, Hope & Sue Ostheimer at Wilton High School Graduation

Note from Hope: I started studying flute at 12, after being told definitively to give up the violin. (Our dogs loved to sing along a little too much…) Almost immediately I started playing flute to my sister Sana’s guitar/vocal tunes, improvising naturally.  I think about her often these days, appreciating how I might never have pursued music if it weren’t for her. We played locally and had the good fortune of performing at the Village Gate when I was 15 at the end of a women’s march, with Gloria Steinem and other feminist ground-breakers. Since then I have been in and out of musical explorations, including a stint at Berklee College of Music. From ’87 to ’94 I lived and gigged in Crested Butte, Colorado after which I moved to Santa Fe, my happy home, where I continue to live with my husband Thom and work as a WordPress web designer. In 2013 I jumped full-bore back into music by attending jazz camp in California. See a clip:

See a clip: Hope Kiah playing Moondance at Jazz Camp in 2013.
Hope Kiah playing Moondance at Jazz Camp in 2013.

Shortly after camp I met harpist/vocalist Carol Calvert. We played regularly for the Antioch service at the Loretto Chapel for years. Our inspiring spiritual pieces are perfect for services, events and dining environments. Contact me for booking.

Carol Calvert and Hope playing Ubi Caritas at the Loretto Chapel in 2016

Now I work regularly with guitarist/vocalist Vin Kelley, playing jazzy versions of oldies from the baby boomer generation, mostly. Contact me for booking.

improv flute by Hope Kiah
She’s Not There, at Upper Crust in Eldorado

I am always on the lookout for people who want to play interpretive jazzy versions of popular songs. Please use the Contact page to reach me if you’re interested. I love becoming mutually obsessed in creating clean, tight arrangements while enjoying creative freedom and extended instrumental conversations.


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